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Surbiton Area Guide
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Surbiton is made up of lovely Victorian and Edwardian homes; it is often seen as an affordable option for first time buyers, located in southwest London. You’ll find elegant houses here and squares filled with substantial Victorian cottages and houses. There was a myriad of 1920’s and 1930’s semi-detached and detached houses built, and many of these houses have now been converted into flats, particularly in St Andrew’s Square.

Also head to Surbiton Court if you are in the market for renting a flat, for quaint Victorian cottages look at the roads between Portsmouth Road and Maple Road. There are many desirable detached houses on Woodland Road and Pine Walk is a coveted street to reside on. Surbiton attracts many couples hoping to rent here, mainly those in their twenties and thirties.

For new, modern flats you can find these in Church Hill Road, where there has been a recent development of 1 to 3 bedroom flats. Surbiton is covered by the KT6 and KT5 postal code, and is only eleven-miles from central London.

Standard of Living in Surbiton

Surbiton is a middle class, affluent area, a suburban area it is well known for the TV programme ‘The Good Life’. Home to wealthy, professionals and families, and with good access to the city and a fast travel time it is a desirable location.

Surbiton is a friendly, quiet neighbourhood; the crime rates are low, with nice pubs and restaurants to dine out in. It is welcoming area with a pleasant atmosphere and a sense of space. There is a fairly large Irish, South African and Indian contingency in the area.

Other Living necessities in Surbiton

Surbiton has an excellent choice of schools, with all of the following schools achieving ‘outstanding’ in their Ofsted inspection, St Andrew’s, St Mark’s CofE Juniors, Christ Church CofE and Tolworth Infants and Our Lady Immaculate RC. Private schools in the area are Linley House for children aged 3 to 7-years-old, and Shrewsbury House a preparatory school for children aged 7 to 14-years-old.

Tiffin School is a council run grammar school, as is Tiffin’s Girls School. Comprehensive schools in Surbiton are Holyfield School, Southborough High and Tolworth Girls School, all of which received ‘good’ from Ofsted. Private schools Surbiton Crescent and Kingston Grammar are located here.

Surbiton has a bustling town centre, with a Waitrose and Sainsbury’s among other chain supermarkets. There is a swimming pool at Nuffield Heath and a leisure centre in Kingston. Places of worship include Saint Mark’s, Saint Andrew’s and Saint Raphael’s. Surbiton Library can be found on Ewell Road, it is open everyday except Sunday and has a number of regular events and activities that are family friendly.

Places to visit near Surbiton

The Thames is a short distance away as is the beautiful Hampton Court Palace, with Kingston upon Thames to the north. Raven Ait is an island situated between Hampton Court Palace and Surbiton, where you can enjoy beautiful river views; it is also possible to get married on the Island. In Kingston there is Rose Theatre and Cinema, in Tolworth you’ll find the Corner House Community Arts Centre.

Surbiton Council Tax

Surbiton is in the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames, you can find up to date council tax rates at the below site: