The History of Shoreditch in London

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Shoreditch History

Historic Shoreditch

History of shoreditch
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There are many historic attractions in Shoreditch, including the Museum of Methodism and John Wesley’s House, the museum traces back through the history of Methodism, from the 18th C onwards. It also contains John Wesley’s memorabilia and his personal library is also housed here, as well as his tomb in the Chapel.

Shoreditch is also home to the Geffrye Museum, where it is possible to discover what life was like for those in poverty in London’s 19th C. You will find the grave of William Blake, a famous poet, at Bunhill Fields, Shoreditch. The Christ Church in Spitalfields was built in 1729 and is considered one of London’s most attractive churches; created by Nicholas Hawksmoor it is now a concert hall and art gallery.

History of Shoreditch

Shoreditch was once the haunt of many Elizabethan artists, writers and creative types. During the 19th C and 20th C Shoreditch rivaled the West End with many theatres and music halls, including The National Standard Theatre, The London Music Hall and The Royal Cambridge Music Hall.

The heart of Shoreditch’s history lies in around Shoreditch Church and High Street, the area degenerated for a period of time, before its current revival. The East of London was once rife with crime and extremely high levels of poverty.
Jack the Ripper further dented its reputation in the 19th C with the notorious murders in Spitalfields and nearby Whitechapel.  Shoreditch was largely destroyed by the Blitz.

Modern Day Shoreditch

Shoreditch was rejuvenated in the 1990’s and many art types moved back into the area, it is now very multicultural and a popular place to reside. There is development forecast in ‘The Goodsyard’ area, this large scheme will see building begin by the end of 2016 if plans are approved.

The famous Spitalfields Market is located here, where there is an array of goods on sale, including fashion, antiques and food stalls. Today Shoreditch is known for its trendy vibe and legendary nightlife, and is thought to be very hip. You will find Brick Lane in Shoreditch, famed for its market, street art and unique shops.