The History of Shepherds Bush in London

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Shepherds Bush History

Historic Shepherds Bush

Shepherds Book History
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There are many historical sites to explore in the area, Shepherds Bush Empire was built in 1903, and the iconic Charlie Chaplin once began here. Visit the Green where sheep used to graze on their way to market hundreds of years ago or head to The White City.

The White City is now mainly housing and home to the White City Estate of council houses, this area was once famed for its great exhibition held in 1908, it housed 20 palaces, 120 exhibition halls and waterways, a sports stadium was also erected there in 1908 for the summer Olympics. The buildings were finished in white stucco, hence the name.

History of Shepherds Bush

Rumour has it that the area is named after the ‘Shepherds’ who used to rest on the pasture on route to London’s Smithfield market. In 1635 the area was cited as ‘Shepherds Bush Green’, but early inhabitation looks to go as far back as the Iron Age.

Almost an entirely rural area in the 18th C, there is evidence that there were only a few buildings here. A map drawn later in the 19th C in 1841 shows that the area was still very much underdeveloped, the area underwent the majority of growth and development in the 19th and 20th C.

In 1864 Shepherds Bush station was built and it became possible to commute into the centre of London, which triggered residential and business developments. In 1900 the Central line opened in Shepherds Bush, further developing transport links to the city. Sadly, the area was severely affected by the World War II bombings.

Modern Day Shepherds Bush

Today Shepherds Bush is a mecca for those who love to shop, it is also well known for the BBC studios on Wood Lane, which have now been taken over by the company Stanhope, the once television studios are set to be developed into offices, homes, a hotel, whilst incorporating entertainment and leisure facilities.

There is a bustling atmosphere these days in Shepherds Bush; it is a vibrant neighbourhood that is always busy.