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Chiswick History

Historic Chiswick

Chiswick Historic Information
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The Palladian style villa ‘Chiswick House’ is located on Burlington Lane and is a lovely example of this type of architecture, designed by Lord Burlington himself, the building was finished in 1729. The house enjoys 65 acres of gardens, which are open to the public; the landscape gardening was cultivated by William Kent, and has provided inspiration for other large gardens, including New York’s Central Park.

In the 18th C high society flocked to Chiswick house, it was seen as very fashionable, and played host to opera and theatre events. Another place of historical interest is that of Fuller Griffin Brewery, where they have been brewing beer on the banks of the River Thames in Chiswick for the past 350 years. Chiswick was also home to William Hogarth, a famous artist and engraver and Hogarth House is located here.

History of Chiswick

Chiswick was originally an ancient parish; it used to be part of the county of Middlesex, and had a good fishing and agrarian industry in the area. It was always a popular country retreat for those who lived in the centre of London; its population of permanent residents increased significantly in the 19th C and the 20th C.

Chiswick was first recorded as ‘Ceswican’ meaning ‘cheese farm’; it is thought there was an annual cheese fayre on the Dukes Meadows up until the 18th C. Most people who lived here worked the farms or made their living from fishing, with riverside trades fuelling much of Chiswick’s economy.

Modern Day Chiswick

There have been a number of new developments in Chiswick, in both property and retail; Chiswick Gate is a new development of townhouses and apartments. There is also a new 500 ft. retail unit on Chiswick High Road, which adds a touch of vibrancy to the area.