The History of Chelsea in London

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Chelsea History

Historic Chelsea

Looking back into history of Chelsea, London
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Sir Christopher Wren built the Royal Hospital in Chelsea between the years 1682 and 1692, this Grade II listed building was originally for soldiers who were injured and unable to continue service, or were too old to fight. The hospital was King Charles II wish, the hospital is still home to retired soldiers today, and many of Chelsea’s pensioners reside here.

Chelsea physic garden began here in 1673, it was set up by the Worshipfill Society of Apothecaries, so students could study the medicinal properties of plants, today a botanical research centre, tucked off the main streets of Chelsea.

History of Chelsea

Chelsea means ‘ landing place for chalk or limestone’, it was first documented previous to the Domesday Book, 787 AD, a lot of royalty has lived here over the years including Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

Chelsea was largely influential in fashion movements in the past, with the 19th C artists colony residing here, the bohemian vibe of the 1920’s, the relaxed, swinging sixties and the seventies punk movement all gaining momentum here.

In the 16th C and 17th C Chelsea gained in popularity as a place for the elite of the city to live, at the beginning of the 18th C its population was in the region of 1,500 people. Chelsea’s popularity with the wealthy has continued into the 21st C.

Modern Day Chelsea

Today Chelsea is still very much for the exclusive; now well known for the reality TV programme ‘Made in Chelsea’, that follows the lives of wealthy young people in the borough. The show has been aired since 2011 and quite a following.

Now home to Chelsea Football Club at Stamford Bridge, with a capacity of 42,000 in its football stadium. Chelsea is also now well known for its Arts Club, which has roughly 2,500 members and is made up of artists, poets, musicians and writers.