The History of Brixton in London

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Brixton History

Historic Brixton

Brixton History
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There are a number of historic landmarks in Brixton, these include Brockwell Park, and the 19th C Clock Tower, Brockwell Hall and Brockwell Lido, which are all located here. The Grade II listed Reliance Arcade can also be found here that was built between 1923-25, this shopping arcade links Electric Avenue and Brixton Road.

Brixton Windmill was built in 1816, when Brixton was still a significant agricultural area, John Muggeridge and Sons built the beautiful windmill and it was only one of five working windmills of the time. Other historic landmarks include the Brixton Ritzy cinema and the Brixton O2 Academy.

History of Brixton

The name Brixton is thought to have originated from Lord Brixi; Lord Brixi was a Saxon lord who established a boundary wall around Surrey. Brixton saw no development until the 18th C, however in the 19th C Brixton became a largely middle class area, namely after the 1860’s, with extravagant houses being built and the introduction of the railway in the area. By the middle of the 20th C Brixton was a very popular residential area with a large shopping centre.

Brixton saw an insurgence of the Afro-Caribbean community in the 1940’s; the area remained largely settled until later in the 20th C.  The 1980’s saw the Brixton riots, which were caused by high levels of crime and unemployment. The riots began in 1981, which resulted in 300 people been injured during the three-day riot and it is estimated there was £7.5 million worth of damage caused. At the time twenty-five percent of Brixton was from an ethnic minority and there was a feeling that the police discriminated against them, with overuse of their stop and search ability. However Brixton changed after the 1990’s and has since laid the history of the riots to rest.

Modern Day Brixton

A very diverse, multicultural area Brixton is today a unique place to live in the capital. The area boasts a relax feel, the advantages of living here include the ability to meander through the beautiful Brockwell Park, also home to the Brockwell Park Lido. Brixton is known for its very good street markets and its eclectic mix of cultures. It is also home to the Ritzy, what is considered to be one of the best independent cinemas in the city.