The History of Beckenham in London

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Beckenham History

Historic Beckenham

Beckenham Historic
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St George’s Church was built in the 12th C, it is thought to have the original lychgate from the 13th C; it is one of England’s oldest lychgates. The church itself underwent a rebuild between 1885 and 1887, but still has many original features. Kelsey Estate is seeped in history and has had a variety of owners since the 1200’s, in 1911 the local council purchased the estate and it is now open to the public. Langley Park Estate was home to a historic mansion, which later became the clubhouse, before being burnt down and destroyed.

The Clock House was a significant red brick house, a landmark between Beckenham and Penge, built in the early 18th C. The house was pulled down in 1890 but it still the home of The Clock Home Station.  Two of the public houses here have been in existence for hundreds of years ‘Ye Olde George Inn’ since 1662 and the ‘Three Tuns’. The Chinese Garage is a listed building of interest.

History of Beckenham

Bronze Age and Stone Age artifacts have been discovered in Beckenham, which suggests there were some very early settlers here. The Roman Road from Lewes to London also ran through the area and it is thought there was once a Roman camp here. The area is referred to as ‘Bacheham’ in the Domesday Book in 1086.

During the Middle Ages the manors Langley and Kelsey came into existence. Beckenham was merely a small village until the 19th C when the development of the area began in the 1800’s, namely post 1857 after the railway arrived and larger buildings began to be built around the station, prior to the railway Beckenham was very much a rural area.

Modern Day Beckenham

Businesses enterprise upon Beckenham’s six train stations all in close proximity, with an easy commute to the centre, many of them flock here. The town is now home to a busy high street with chains and independents to be found. Beckenham still has the feel of a village; there is a great community here that attracts many families. There is a charm to Beckenham, with local farmers’ markets, green spaces, good schools and affordable housing to enjoy